»Oh my god what happened and what should I do?«

Leif Abraham und Christian Behrendt (a.k.a. Innovative Thunder) haben mit diesem Buch die Medienentwicklung der vergangenen 40 Jahre zusammengefasst und ein paar handfeste Ratschläge formuliert, wie man werblich im digitalen Zeitalter überleben kann:

A lot of things have happened during the past few years. New media have become far more than just toys for nerds; they now have an impact on everybody’s life to a greater extent than ever before – from the cell phone in your pocket and industries fighting to survive down to your old high-school friend you block on Facebook to prevent him from bothering you every time you’re online.
We’re currently experiencing a time of change – a change during which a whole generation is evolving; this generation is growing up with an entirely new media behavior. It can’t imagine a world without new media.
Now, also, the marketing industry must adapt, since you can hardly reach this generation using means and methods from the past.
This book helps traditional advertising and marketing people master the step into the digital era, providing tools to create campaigns that reach the people of today.

Mehr Informationen sowie das kostenlose (!!!) eBook gibt es hier. Wer sich direkt das gedruckte Werk leisten möchte, kann bei Amazon für knapp 15 Euro zuschlagen.



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